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Valley Zinfandel
The Central Valley Region American Viticultural Areas stretch from Colusa County in the north to Madera County in the south and include Clarksburg, Diablo Grande, Dunnigan Hills, Green Valley, Lodi, Madera, Meritt Island, River Junction, Salado Creek, Seiad Valley, Solano County, and Suisun Valley. Lodi, where the preponderance of the Zinfandel plantings are located, stretches into the Sierra Nevada, and the rocky, shallow terrain of these foothills provides a good site for Zinfandel. The Mokolumne and Consumnes Rivers provide abundant, mineral-rich water, and the area’s sandy clay loam soil has been deposited in the floodplains by the Sierras for millions of years. The soils are sandy and well-drained in most of the region. The combination of these soils, the ideal climate of warm days, and the cool breezes off the San Joaquin River Delta that bring down evening temperatures. create soft, approachable Zinfandels with rich, lush fruit character. Records show plantings of Zinfandel in this region as early as 1858.

Winemakers have described the aromas of Central Valley Zinfandel as showing notes of spicy cherry liqueur, pie cherries, clove, and nutmeg. The most common flavor descriptors are ripe blueberries, cranberry, dried plum, toasted almond, and pepper. Central Valley wines tend toward soft, low tannins.


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