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Living in Zinfanland - In Search of Zinfandel by Rod Byers (Fall 2009)
Old Vine Zinfandel by Rod Byers (Spring 2009)
Back to the Future Research on Zinfandel: Phase 3, On the Road Again (Summer 2008)
Back to the Future Research on Zinfandel: Stage is Set for New Phase (Summer 2007)
Out of the Hothouse by Morgan Guy Twain-Peterson (Winter/Spring 2006)
2005 Flights, An Event Recap by Edie DeAvila (April 2005)
Book Review - Zinfandel, A History of a Grape & Its Wine (January 2005)
Heritage Vineyard Update (April 2003)
Looking for Zin in Croatia (January 2001)
The Perfect Project (July 2001)
Heritage Vineyard Update (April 2001)
Heritage Vineyard Label (January 2001)
Heritage Vineyard Update (October 2000)
Heritage Vineyard Update (January 2000)
Zinfandel & Plavac Mali (1999)
Cutting Edge Research (1998)
Crushing Our Heritage (July 1998)
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UC Davis Foundation Plant Services Article (November 2008)
2008 Heritage Vineyard Harvest
2006 Heritage Vineyard Harvest
2004 Heritage Vineyard Harvest
2005 Heritage Vineyard Harvest
Vineyard Probing Roots of Zinfandel by Carol Emert, San Francisco Chronicle, Thursday, November 13, 2003

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