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ZAP is pleased to announce our

Zin Collection

Our mission is to spread the word about Zinfandel and its historic and cultural significance. What better way to help share the message of Zinfandel then by offering some unique opportunities to enjoy this delicious varietal in its many and varied iterations. We’ve pleased to partner with Touring & Tasting to provide you with some truly special collections of Zinfandel that help you broaden your awareness of this extraordinary grape.

Each Collection captures a representative theme that demonstrates Zinfandels many styles, regional characteristics, and flavors. Collections feature a single bottle from six different vintners. Sample and compare styles of winemaking from some of your favorites while you explore new wineries and expand your Zinfandel horizons.

How This Works:
Purchase your Collection using the link provided. Your wine will be shipped directly to your home. Some shipping restrictions may apply. Your purchase is handled by Touring & Tasting, a fully licensed, third-party fulfillment center. These collections are available solely through ZAP and our partnership with Touring & Tasting. Quantities are very limited and a portion of the sale benefits ZAP and helps to support our programs.
Sale is limited to quantities on hand - act quickly!
Zin Collection #1

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Old vines seem to make wines with unusual concatenations of flavors. The roots may penetrate deep into the earth, tapping into minerals not near the surface. The Old Vine Zinfandel Collection includes wines from six different regions, giving you the opportunity to taste the distinctly different flavors from both the terroir and these mature “granddaddy” vineyards.
Collection includes:
1. Easton Wines selection 2009 Rinaldi-Eschen Vineyard Zinfandel from the Sierra Foothills.
Tasting notes.
2. Steele Wines selection 2010 DuPratt Vineyard Zinfandel from Mendocino County. Tasting notes.
3. J Dusi Wines selection 2011 Dante Dusi Zinfandel from Paso Robles
4. M2 Wines selection 2011 Old Vine Soucie Vineyard Zinfandel from Lodi
5. Chase Cellars selection 2009 Hayne Vineyard Zinfandel from Napa Valley.
Tasting notes.
6. Kokomo Winery selection 2012 Timber Crest Vineyard Zinfandel from Dry Creek Valley. Tasting notes.
Cost (6) 750 ml bottles = $189 (plus tax and delivery)
Zin Collection #2

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To be designated a single vineyard wine, at least 95% of the fruit must come from the same vineyard. These wines capture the story of the land, telling the story loud and clear of the vines from which they were grown. To make a single vineyard wine, the winemaker must be in sync with the vineyard and coax out the nuances of the terroir without their winemaking style drowning out that voice. This Single Vineyard Designate Zinfandel collection offers selections from some of California’s famous Zinfandel vineyards.
Collection includes:
1. Gamba Vineyards and Winery selection 2010 Starr Road Ranch Moratto Vineyard Zinfandel from Russian River Valley
2. Green & Red Vineyard selection Tip Top Vineyard Zinfandel from Chiles Valley District.
Tasting notes.
3. JR Wines selection 2008 George's Vineyard Zinfandel from Capell Valley in Napa Valley
4. McNab Ridge Winery selection Cononiah Vineyard Zinfandel from Mendocino County.
Tasting notes.
5. Seghesio Family Vineyards selection 2010 Cortina Zinfandel from Northern Sonoma County. Tasting notes.
6. Terra d’Oro Wines selection 2011 Deaver Vineyard Zinfandel from Amador County. Tasting notes.
Cost (6) 750 ml bottles = $199 (plus tax and delivery)

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