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About Zinfandel
Zinfandel may be one of the most unusual grapes around---according to all of us who have studied it intensely, farm it carefully and enjoy consuming it (carefully)! Our intent in this area of the Zinfandel Advocates & Producers website is to provide you with as much background information as possible about the varietal some call "America's Heritage Grape."
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The Heritage Vineyard Wines and Winemakers
Zinfandel vines, dating back to the 1800s, can be found in every grape growing region in California. These "old-vine" Zinfandels have so interested scientists at the University of California at Davis that the Heritage Vineyard was established.

The Vineyard fills an entire acre at the University's Research Station in Oakville, California in Napa Valley. Each year, one of our ZAP producers creates the blend for this wine, based on ninety selections from vineyard in 14 different counties.

Each vine is head-trained and spur-pruned in the "goblet" shape, as they would have been in the nineteenth century. The Association of Zinfandel Advocates & Producers is proud to sponsor this annual Heritage Vineyard wine.

A different ZAP producer assumes the privilege of crafting a Zinfandel wine each vintage from the Heritage Vineyard. The vineyard is located in Oakville, Napa Valley, within the UC Davis research vineyards and was planted by UC Davis with support from ZAP as a way to ensure preservation of the genetic heritage of this enigmatic grape.

The wine is available for purchase exclusively at ZAP's Annual Zinfandel Tasting, held each January in San Francisco.

For a complete listing of Heritage Vineyard winemakers click here.
Status of Zinfandel
Zinfandel History click here
Big River Gnarly Vine, Alexander Valley
Photo courtesy of Peter Griffith


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