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If you choose to (and we encourage you to), you may enter your city and state so that your city location (not your street address) can be plotted on the Google map. That will allow Wine Bars, Wine Shops, and Restaurants to be motivated to create events and special offers to attract the business of the many Subscribers that appear on the map near their establishments.
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Riding the Zinfandel Festival Wave
Because of the great popularity of ZAP’s Zinfandel Festival (10,000 annual attendees!), we are concentrating our efforts in the San Francisco area to get the ball rolling. We’re gaining momentum to build a dynamic, thriving, ongoing zinfandel community with lots of events and lots of special offers all the time.
If you’re in the San Francisco area, or if you’ve attended the Festival, your participation is critical to provide the businesses the audience they will create incentives to attract.

If you’re outside of San Francisco, you are just as critical to become a seed in a distant fertile soil. Your lead will encourage others to follow, and soon you’ll have a thriving zinfandel garden in your own local community.
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